Las Palmas Oil & Dehydration 


Located in Kern County Las Palmas Oil & Dehydration has over 100,000 barrels of tank space for receiving, processing, storage and rental.  An onsite certified scale is used to insure accurate record keeping. Although the normal hours are Monday to Friday 7am-5pm, LPOD can run 24 hours a day for larger projects. 

LPOD specializes in receiving off spec. streams of petroleum products.  Special processes are used to dehydrate the oil and return it to a consumable product.  What is left is an emulsified layer of water, solids and oil that is used for dust control on farm roads.  LPOD is not a waste facility and cannot accept any streams that shipped as such.  The facility is permitted to bring in products with light ends due to our flaring capabilities.

Contact us today with your needs and an associate will schedule a time to come out and sample your product.

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