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October 4, 2013                                                                                       

Las Palmas Oil and Viscon California operate out of the same facility and share some of the same staff.  We are proud to announce the recognition of our employment practices.

Viscon California, LLC (Viscon) is proud to announce that it was awarded Employer of the Year for Small Business by the
Helping Incorporate Reliable Employees (HIRE).  The honor was awarded on October 3, 2013 at a luncheon held at Aera Energy.  The award ceremony was to recognize employers, employees, and individuals who have championed the cause of equal opportunity and independence for people with disabilities.


HIRE is a public-private partnership which brings together job seekers with disabilities throughout our community.  The Master of Ceremonies was the Bakersfield Mayor, Honorable Mayor Harvey Hall. 

According to Mayor Hall, "The way we’ve been successful as The HIRE Committee is by establishing a network of community agencies where information is shared and connections are made that lead to employment for people with disabilities." 

Viscon was nominated for the award by Valley Adult Services (VAS).  According to the 2012 census 51.2 million people in America had some level of disability.  VAS Supported Employment Program provides individual or group employment services including job development and job coaching to adults with developmental disabilities.  Viscon contacted VAS three years ago for help hiring a person with developmental disabilities.  Since that time Viscon, with the help of VAS, has employed an individual at its facility.

Visit HIRE at

The Department of Defense recently did a site visit and here is a copy of the review.

Here is an exert

"On 13 June I met with Bryan Porter, president of the Las Palmas Oil & Dehydration (LPOD) facility to conduct a site visit and survey of the grounds and facility. LPOD dehydrates its product and returns it into a cleaned crude oil to be refined by off-site refineries.

LPOD's HAZCOM program is in outstanding order. Well maintained records of employees initial HAZCOM briefings, issued PPE, respiratory program and employee health surveillance program. MSDSs were maintained and accessible to all employees.

LPOD's site, dehydration equipment and facilities were very well maintained. General housekeeping practices were meticulously adhered to.

LPOD's record keeping/ file maintenance practices were superb. LPOD was able to provide me records of BOLs, analytical results and weight tickets. Reviewed records were flawlessly maintained and made easily accessible."

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